Meet The Maker

Peyton Johnson

Hey Ya'll! Peyton here. Glad you found me. I am from a small town here in Northwest Iowa. I am currently working a full time job in a small town pharmacy, on top of working on my storefront and online boutique in my spare time. When I'm not working long hours, I enjoy days on the lake, listening to country music around the fire with friends, and shooting bow. I have lots of love for my very supportive family and friends, Jesus, and my special yellow lab, Chevy. You can catch me at any country concert around the area, rodeos nearby, and I can always go for a good Hobby Lobby run. 

Owning my own business has always been a dream of mine, and i’m finally making it happen. I have a love for western fashion, and I aspire to influence others with my designs. Leave Her Wild is more than just a boutique to me. It’s to help inspire those who feel like they can’t “pull it off” or are too shy to dress outside the norm. My mission is to make women feel comfortable in their own boots, and to say yes to those crazy pair of bell bottoms. Leave Her Wild’s goal, is to bring the wild out of you. 

I just want to take the time and to say thank you for supporting me and my dreams, ya’ll don’t know how happy it makes me to see all of you rock my products and hear your positive feedback. I hope you all have a blessed day!